Having trouble with trees growing too big? This customer did. These were planted not that long ago, and quickly grew to an unmanageable size. Our Cockatoo Tree Removal service was called in to help fix the problem.

Cockatoo Tree FellingThe small trees we felled in Cockatoo were just the right size to fit into the backyard. When falling trees, it is really important to understand where they are leaning, and how the tree will behave as it departs the stump.

On many of the trees I fell today, I used rope and tackle to ensure that in the event of a mistake, or failure in the hinge, the tree would still fall in the intended direction. Ensuring that good distance is made from the tree by the use of escape routes is essential. Cockatoo, like Emerald, Avonsleigh, Clematis, Belgrave and other towns in Cardinia Shire – has a vast mix of tree species. Sometimes the tree can be felled, other times the tree must be climbed and lopped.

Tree Felling Cockatoo
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