The workshop focus was to hone the skills of qualified and experienced tree fallers in arboriculture and forest industries. Content included; legal framework for workplace safety, practical OH&S manuals, identify (hazards, lean of a tree, lay of the forest and where to start), the danger zones, 4 methods of felling a tree, correct wedging, “reading” stumps to alter (hinge, step height, scarf opening and depth), practice alternative methods of scarfing, escape route placement, fatigue management/ saving energy, additional hazards of fire killed trees, dealing with production pressure, how to be an effective trainer/ mentor and more.

The fallers (left to right) Jack Balsamo, Mathew Spencer and Hunter Mathieson

Tree falling workshop

Hunter Mathieson showing his awareness and skill when falling a heavy leaner.

Posted by Sherbrooke Tree Service on Friday, October 4, 2019
Tree Felling Workshop
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