The Tawny Frogmouth is one of the best known nocturnal Australian birds. It is difficult to see them during the day because they are so well comoflarged and at a glance their motionless forms appear like a broken branch.

Where possible our resposability is to preserve their habitat and encourage this diversity in our gardens. Trees in suburban rural settings are an interface between people and wildlife. Managing tree safety for human habitation whilst providing suitable perches can be difficult. These birds were photographed in Cockatoo on a dead tree. The birds are not often seen there however the tree was left as it posed minimal risk to residents and no risk to their house.

Residents ought to weigh their reasonable concern for safety and their property but also consider any benifit for native habitat. On small blocks of land through the Dandenong Ranges the retention of parts of a dead tree often lead to future costly removals later.

Bird habitat