We had two interesting jobs on today – one at William Ricketts Sanctuary and another at Burnham Beeches.

This brief post is about the job at Burnham Beeches where we used a helicopter to remove some storm damaged limbs from the forth story roof of the building.

There was insufficient access to use a crane, and a large crane would still not do the job as efficiently. There were no significant highpoints within reach of the roof top, and extensive gardens either side of the building would not allow material to be thrown from the roof.

The sheer volume of the branches, spread over two storeys would have meant they would need to be propped to stop the branches from falling further and doing any more damage.

When we release a longer video, there will be a more in depth explanation of why we used a helicopter for tree lopping and storm damage in the circumstance – compared to conventional rigging or craning techniques.

Special thanks to Mike Dunn from Heli-Serv (www.heli-serv.com) and Tim Shannon.

Helicopter Tree Lopping
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