The material from the presentation is included below.

Trivect Presentation Slides

Trivect Software

The program hasn’t been updated since I wrote it, normally before this kind of thing would be shared it would go through fairly vigorous bug testing.

If I get some time to neaten it up I will fix some of the major bugs. I will point out some major things to consider:

  • Don’t use angles outside of -90 and 90 degrees. Apart from being completely pointless, in a practical sense it would be dangerous. One day I’ll write some restrictions that stop those kind of numbers being entered
  • Have a good think about what the program is telling you to do.
    • Is it realistic?
    • Will my high points handle that kind of load?
    • Are those vertical components what I would expect?

Apart from that, the formula, presentation, source code and software are provided under a create commons licence. To find out what that means visit


Trivect Presentation
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