A major part of our business is advance stabilisation work for customers that have suffered storm damage or sudden branch failure.

We have an armada of heavy lifting, winches and technical rigging equipment to service trees that pose an immediate hazard to life or property.

After heavy wind and rain, trees can often fail in a variety of places. In most cases these are an expected part of the forest life cycle.

Unfortunately, other times these may be a significant asset or feature to a home owner.

When the tree fails, often the home owner will need to assess the hazards and potential costs of further degeneration.

While these decisions are being made, any immediate hazards needs to neutralised so that decisions are not made under pressure and haste.

We have access rigging devices such as heavy blocks and tackles, jacks, cables, zero stretch ropes, lowering devices through to cranes, helicopters, excavators, harvesters.

Emergency Tree Work
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